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Ain Zhalta map with labeled official buildings, stores and other points of interest.

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Ain Zhalta's downtown is small enough to be crossed by foot in minutes.


  • One way trip fare from/to Beirut: ~45,000LP ($40USD).
    Call High Taxi at +961-3-328728 or +961-1-328728.


  • Round-trip fare from/to Beirut (Cola intersection): ~10,000LP ($6.70USD)

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The following health care providers are located on the main street.

  • Social Health Center: Medical clinic
  • Karameh Health Center: Pharmacy and family medicine

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Your average village variety, mostly along the main road: gas station, pharmacy, food, clothing, electronics, furniture, etc. Business hours are typically 9 AM - 5 PM. Closed on Sunday. You will usually find one or more convenience stores opened late at night. Most restaurants remain open until midnight or later, especially in the summer.

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Cellular and landline phone services are available in the village in addition to a public phone and a telecom office on the main street.

Calling Ain Zhalta:

  • Overseas to cell: +961-(3 or 7x)-(6 digit number)
  • Overseas to land: +961-5-(6 digit number)
  • Local to cell: (03 or 7x)-(6 digit number)
  • Local to land: 05-(6 digit number)

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DSL and dial-up services are available in Ain Zhalta. Mobi is not as of Nov. 2011.

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The Lebanese postal system was dismantled during the 1975 civil war. It was rebuilt in 1998 by LibanPost with the help of Canadapost.

  • The nearest post office is located in the town of Beiteddine, 12.2km southwest of Ain Zhalta, phone # +961-5-500006.
  • A post office extension for sending and receiving mail is located on the main street.

Hotels Go up to index

Hotel Bellevue 30
Villa Lebanon 8
Al Shalal 10

Restaurants Go up to index

Al Jazeera CafeOn the road leading to the AZ pine forest  
Al BoustanNabeh Al Qaa  
AlamatNabeh Al Qaa  
Al YammineNabeh el Safa main street05230033 
Monte Kafra ComplexAZ main street05501008Resto/Pub/Coffee shop
Casino Palace TamerasAZ main street03224383Resto/Pub/Cafeteria/Night club
Casino Nabeh EssafaUptown, in the AZ pine forest  
Shallalat Nabeh EssafaNabeh Essafa main street05230030Resto/Playground