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This website covers the historical village of Ain Zhalta - Nabaa el Safa (AZ) in the Shouf district of Lebanon.

ain-zhalta.com is a cooperative effort between its team, a village committee and website visitors to:

  • Offer a balanced profile of Ain Zhalta that people of all interests can find educational, useful and stimulating
  • Build a community of people inside and outside the village who care for it, its history and future growth and development

We encourage you to get involved in ain-zhalta.com by:

  • Leaving your impressions about this website in the guestbook
  • Providing historical or anecdotal information about AZ families
  • Contributing AZ information to this website
  • Joining the AZ directory
  • Socializing on the AZ Facebook page

Remember to stop by Ain Zhalta when you're in the region. Spend the weekend, hike, camp, dine or grab a beer at one of the local waterfront cafés and restaurants.

Thank you for visiting ain-zhalta.com!